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AKEPHAL -s/t- discography CD

Image of AKEPHAL -s/t- discography CD


AKEPHAL discography CD (NARSHARDAA #013)

Finally after all the years here comes the reissue of the Akephal 12inch which originally came out back in 1997. This CD was supposed to have the recordings for their second and unreleased 12inch too, but these stupid drunk punks lost the master while they drunk a billion of beers and were partying hard with the Narshardaa guys... But guess what, they re-recorded five unreleased songs for you and we also put it on the CD. Everything is newly mastered and includes the recordings of the 12inch, a compilation song, the 5 unreleased songs and some bonus stuff. Not the single, because it fuckin' sucked, but who cares? The new material is still dark and brutal hc inspired by bands like URANUS, ACME or HIS HERO IS GONE with who they were supposed to tour before they split up some time before this could happen. nothing else we have to say, listen to this cd as it speaks for itself.