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ALASKAN - the weak and the wounded LP

Image of ALASKAN - the weak and the wounded LP


Moody and angry at the same time: The new album 'The Weak And The Wounded' by the canadians from ALASKAN.
Directly after the first seconds you want to compare this with the ubiquitous Fall Of Efrafa. But it isn't that simple. Hard dark parts alternate with highly melodic parts.
Repeatedly pace taken out - the skilled use of breaks / climaxes builds a unique suspense, so that the songs never sound dull. Built-in samples from the movie Session 9 ensure that the 4 songs appear linked to a story.
'The Weak And The Wounded' is a more than worthy successor to its predecessor Adversity:Woe.
Fans of Isis, The Fall of Efrafa and Cult Of Luna will not be disappointed.