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Image of AMENRA/ RAKETKANON split 10"


AMENRA/ RAKETKANON split 10" (consouling sounds)

Amenra has a keen eye for aesthetics and always wants to push the boundaries and set the bar as high as possible. This sparked the idea to release a series of very special 10″ albums that are an ode the creativity in Ghent (BE). In 2014 Consouling Sounds had the privilege to present a fabulous split album between Amenra and Madensuyu, with the artwork of Berlinde De Bruyckere and expertly designed by We Became Aware. We couldn’t be more thrilled to continue this tradition in 2017.

For this split album, Amenra invited Raketkanon to be part of the new installment. These two exceptional heavy bands from Ghent teamed up, and each contributed a previously unreleased track.

As for the artwork we are extremely honored to be able to work with the art of celebrated Ghent based artist Michaël Borremans. Borremans is known all over the world for his often eerie and dark imagery. Needless to say we are deeply grateful this incredible artist has collaborated with us to present a truly stunning piece of work. We Became Aware has designed the packaging once more, making sure this remarkable split album is a work of art on its own.

We also want to thank Zeno X Gallery for their incredible support and their much appreciated help in the process of making this release come to life.

A. Amenra – Nachtschade
B. Raketkanon – Bohr

This is the second pressing on BLACK vinyl, limited to 500 copies.