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AUTISM film noir LP


AUTISM film noir LP
We are happy to announce, that we are doing the distribution for this new record. AUTISM is an instrumental Post-Rock/ Post-metal band from Vilnius, Lithuania.
The band say this about this record:
"This album, sharing the same name as a cinematic genre, is driven by a mood of pessimism and menace. While working on this album, we decided to explore even more disturbing and uncomfortable topics. Alcoholism, drugs, physical and psychological abuse, manipulation…it is all a part of our everyday life. We have used real samples of some actual tragic life events to create a greater emotional impact to the listener and make him aware. This is not a casual album to listen to, but we believe that “Film Noir” will succeed to deliver the message we wanted to communicate."

:: Record Information ::
:: 300 copies on black Vinyl
:: Releasedate: February 20th 2017


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