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[ B O L T ] / biblo "split/collaboration" LP


Limited to 100 copies
180g black vinyl including engraving by hand
Laser Cut out cover
30x30cm picture booklet (8 pages) 250g/m² paper

[ B O L T ] 2 bass drone ensemble from the german Ruhr area which is completed by the former Kodiak/WALL drummer in the meantime unites with the abstract electronica project biblo from Instanbul.

While [ B O L T ] emerges out of oppressive silence and ends up in ecstatic noise and drone, creating waving sounds and crushing riffs.
Biblo redefines ambient sound by bringing it closer to noise with her collages made by blustering various sounds and haunting vocals.

This is far more than a split record by two different entities that are musically located somewhere in the ambient area - it's a collaborative work.
Each of them is represented with one song and another where they are featuring the other part - despite being divided by 2500 kilometers.
The sounds of [ B O L T ] and biblo flow into another - resulting in a climax adding drums in the final collaboration song.

The [ B O L T ] songs are based on an idea they played live once. They tried to build layers that would leave spaces for biblos sounds.
The part [ B O L T ] wrote for the biblo + [ B O L T ] track should bring some (black) metal harmonies and atmosphere to biblos songs.

The artwork consists of pictures shot and arranged by... more
released May 19, 2017

[ 2 3 ] written and performed by [ B O L T ]
[ 2 7 ] written and performed by [ B O L T ] / biblo
Recorded and mixed by Andreas Brinke, February 2016 and October 2016

b1 written and performed by biblo
b2 written and performed by biblo / [ B O L T ]
Recorded and mixed by Pinar Üzeltüzenci, September 2016 and October 2016

Mastered at Toppershouse by Tobias Stieler, December 2016

Photobook designed and edited by Ole-Kristian Heyer
Shot and arranged by Ole-Kristian Heyer, October 2016 and November 2016