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BERNAYS PROPAGANDA -my personal holiday LP

Image of BERNAYS PROPAGANDA -my personal holiday LP


BERNAYS PROPAGANDA -my personal holiday LP (NAR035)

Macedonian post-punx Bernays Propaganda have recorded a new album. The Record "My Personal Holiday" contain 9 songs, some in English and some in Macedonian. BERNAYS PROPAGANDA could be shortly described as danceable newwave/post-punk band with charming female vocal. But don’t be misleaded, we are talking here about extremely political band influenced by a variety of bands, from SUBMISSION HOLD over FUGAZI all the way to the GOSSIP and GANG OF FOUR. Firm drum beats accompanied with thick and groovy bass lines are the base upon which layers of funky and broken guitar chords are placed, and above all comes unique, strong and remarkable female voice as a cherry on the top. Were lunatic enthusiasm, bursting energy and catchy atmosphere already mentioned?

In Kombination mit einigen anderen geilen Labels bringen wir Euch die zweite LP von Bernays Propaganda aus Skopje. Musikalisch und auch textlich fühlen wir uns an SUBMISSION HOLD, FUGAZI und GANG OF FOURr erinnert. Klingt größtenwahnsinnig ? lachhaft, denn die sind sogar noch besser als die Beschreibung es erahnen lässt. Wäre sie aus den USA wären sie EUER ALLER neue Lieblingsband, so werden sie durch Eure Ignoranz abgestraft. Großer Fehler. Atombombe hoch tausend. Hammer!!!