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BERNAYS PROPAGANDA - zabraneta planeta LP

Image of BERNAYS PROPAGANDA - zabraneta planeta LP


Third album from Macedonians Bernays Propaganda, one of the region’s currently most successful and internationally recognized music acts. Signature new wave/post-punk sound with strong danceable basis, delivering firm drum beats accompanied by thick and groovy bass lines, upon which layers of noisy and disharmonic guitar chords are played, though less funky and broken as before. Add more of that strong and remarkable female voice shouting political lyrics over catchy atmosphere and bursts of energy, and there you go – 9 new songs, 9 new stories, 9 new manifestos calling for radical changes. Bernays Propaganda once again outdid themselves, presenting us with material that shows how a band can reach full songwriting and arranging maturity while losing none of the basic postulates of the philosophy they grew up on.
1. Pogrešno zname
2. Makedonski son
3. A Bone to the Dog
4. Bar kultura
5. Čuvaj se od tie što te čuvaat
6. Zabraneta Planeta
7. Ordinary Toy
8. Dodeka krstot ne go zgasne
9. Leb i igri