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BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS (b.son) – Microbarome Meetings CD

Image of BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS (b.son) – Microbarome Meetings CD


Total drone. This disc is a collection of four unique improvisations, all recorded in one evening by Germany’s B*SON. The first improv is along the lines of SUNN; a hypnotic, heavy, distorted sludge fest. The second is full of overlapping loops & delays, which builds louder & denser at a snail’s pace, eventually incorporating percussive string jabs. The third incorporates feedback, leading into a low end distorted hum, accented by cleanly plucked notes over the din. The fourth and final track is closer to a full bore noise track than a drone, with thumping heartbeat percussion, and ghostly whisps of feedback and vocals. I didn’t realize this label was still around (Matthias has got to be going on over 20 years by now). High quality cover with copper ink & cool graphics; classy & a wee bit arty, not unlike a Southern Lord release. Handnumbered edition of 600 copies. 67 minutes worth of high quality sounds to zone-out to.
(Ecocentric Records, Germany )