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CODEIA "don´t be afraid she whispered and disappeared" LP+CD


CODEIA "don´t be afraid she whispered and disappeared" LP+CD (hand of doom records)

Mindblowing Post Metal debut album of "codeia" from Karlsruhe. White vinyl, including CD, limited to 200 copies.

Rooted in genres such as hardcore, art rock and several forms of metal, the trio from BadenWürttemberg combines the creative force of three songwriters. codeia is the result of their common vision of post metal, that brings to mind genre defining bands such as Isis, Russian Circles, Cult of Luna or If These Trees Could Talk, but played in their very own individual style.

Somewhere between collages of gloomy ambient and noise, melancholic ensnaring post rock melodies and the brute groove of post metal riffs, codeia is pushing boundaries. Mostly instrumental, but sometimes enriched by bloodcurdling vocals and cryptic lyricism, the trio are constantly challenging themselves and their listeners.

On the basis of hypnotic loops, progressive structures and contrasted by furious blast beats, codeia brings together structure and chaos to form their very own journey through a dynamic and diversified array of sounds and moods.
releases June 2, 2017

Denis S. (Bass, Vocals)
Timo L. (Drums)
Markus L. (Guitar, Backing Vocals)