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CODEIA "to be elevated beyond the crumpling skies" LP

Image of CODEIA "to be elevated beyond the crumpling skies" LP


CODEIA "to be elevated beyond the crumpling skies" LP

mercury feathers (28:27)
digital bonus track
shrouded in feathers (mercury feathers reconstructed by auvikogue) (29:23)

ltd. LP + download code
– limited to 100 hand numbered copies on milky clear vinyl
– including download of the bonus track "shrouded in feathers" (mercury feathers reconstructed by auvikogue) (29:23)"
– self recorded by codeia
– mix and mastering by Roland Böffgen at HARD DRIVE SOUNDS
– vinyl cut by flight13 duplication, Germany

to be totally honest: things were not planned this way. but these times affected us as well. back in 2020 Codeia finished writing mercury feathers and recorded it by herself with the intention to keep writing and hit the studio later. but since they haven't been able to rehearse since then things went quite different. they kept writing and exchanging ideas digitally and have more than enough material to start crafting record number four as soon as we can meet again.
mercury feathers was intended to be the centerpiece of the third and final chapter of our first trilogy: "don't be afraid", she whispered and disappeared as he turned back towards the eye of the storm to be elevated beyond the crumbling skies
since Codeia finished this monolith they knew that this song is in a way self-contained that it felt wrong to put another song in front or behind. and since more than a year has passed since finishing mercury feathers, they decided to give it the space it deserves. as of now this song might be the best representation of their sound.
mercury feathers comes in a limited edition of 100 pieces on milky clear vinyl. the enclosed download code as well as the digital version include the stunning "shrouded in feathers" (mercury feathers reconstructed by auvikogue) adding up to a total playtime of almost an hour. preorders will be up now. the record will be available via Hand Of Doom Records, Narshardaa Records and from Codeia directly.