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DURGA "sequoia" LP


Dûrga "sequoia" LP (Narshardaa Records #081)

One album - one concept: Sequoia is a reflection about the modern idea of time, inquiring into the immediacy of mass consumption, the power of the capitalism in our own time and how that involves our inner disconnectedness.
Sequoia trees were real before our existence and they will be here when we are gone. They are the best symbol for the passing of time trough calm and patient.

:: Record Information ::
:: 100 copies on golden vinyl
:: 100 copies on ultra clear w/ golden splatter
:: 100 copies on aside/bside with white bone and golden vinyl
:: 15 testpressings were made
:: Full colour and heavy insert and jacket
:: golden stamping on the cover and golden insert
:: including downloadcode

Release-Date: August 20th, 2021