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FINISTERRE - bitter songs LP

Image of FINISTERRE - bitter songs LP


FINISTERRE - bitter songs LP (halo of flies)

co release with Rinderherz (switzerland) and Contraszt! Records (germany)
Two years after their split LP with ALPINIST, here is the first own album by Finisterre from Cologne/Germany. “Bitter Songs” is a record full of melancholic songs about the bitterness of life. Expect dark, but melodic Hardcore sorrounded by a heavy D-Beat drumming and fronted by a brutal female voice. Finisterre have been compared to FALL OF EFRAFA and SCHIFOSI in the past, but still managed to create their own interpretation of modern crust. Recorded by Zett in the Tonkeller, Eisenberg and mixed/mastered by Robin Völkert (Now Denial, Dean Dirg). The LP comes with a huge 20-page booklet with all lyrics and explanations to the songs.