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GOLDUST "thirst" LP

Image of GOLDUST "thirst" LP


GOLDUST - Thirst - LP

Goldust is a band from Munster, Germany who formed in 2007. Goldust play a blackened and metallic style of hardcore that can best be described as having that definite "German" sound. Goldust is influenced by bands such as His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy, Cursed, Perth Express, and Integrity. Since their inception in 2007 Goldust have released two Lps, two 7", a split 10" with Blade, a split LP with Evenworse, and have shared splits with numerous bands including Full Of Hell, Curbbite, Juggernaut, and Deathrite. Thirst is the band's third and latest LP, which was released via Per Koro, Life And Death, and State Of Mind records on September 30th, 2013. On Thirst, Goldust have definitely taken things up a notch as far of their sound is concerned, adding nuances of sludge and black metal to their already dark and uncompromising sound. Overall, Thirst is Goldust's best release to date and should not be missed. Highly recommended! Enjoy!