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MAGMA WAVES "Mitsuki, Hida, 1579" CD-r


MAGMA WAVES "Mitsuki, Hida, 1579" CD-r

2013. first DIY-ep by MAGMA WAVES. recorded by the band and mixed and mastered by their friend Tobias Stieler from Kokomo (pre-production by dennis strillinger).

the inspiration for the concept comes from dennis' trip to japan in 2012. in takayama he visited an old traditional japanese village. it had a story to it which can be read in the bonus items of the ep if you download it.
released December 28, 2013

ansgar koenig: guitars/synths
dennis strillinger: drums/samples/concept
mathias manzel: guitars
josua klempel: bass

additional guitars on this recording by benjamin marschner.
all songs by MAGMA WAVES.
"Ruins of Matsukura Castle" by MAGMA WAVES and benjamin marschner.
all artworks by ansgar koenig.