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Image of MOLOCH/ HAGGATHA split 7"


MOLOCH/ HAGGATHA split 7" (degraanrepubliek records)

Of course i’m partcipating in a new split record involving Moloch. Especialy when they’re sharing that split with Haggatha from Canada. Two of the heaviest bands around on one 7” record. What else can you ask for? Well not much. Moloch continues along their path of hateful Eyehategod –esque path of filthy sludge. From the first feedback it’s clear Head of Coil is one of those tracks that won’t be holding back. Superheavy, filled with riffs and anger. Moloch at their prime. Heavy hitters Haggatha on the flip side come with a heavy slow track which sounds like a perfect mixture between Thou, Ensorcelor and Bell Witch. Sludge with beautiful melodies, dual vocals and massive guitars. Massive in every way really. This is one serious heavy record.