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NARSHARDAA SINGLE CLUB No.1 (with:Planks,Trend,Idle Hands,Now Denial)

Image of NARSHARDAA SINGLE CLUB No.1 (with:Planks,Trend,Idle Hands,Now Denial)


NAR 028-031: Narshardaa Single Club no.1 - (fall 2009)
with PLANKS, TREND, IDLE HANDS, THE NOW DENIAL - 4x 7inch for 20,00 euro

- 4x 350 copies on different colour vinyl
- every month you will get one release from september to december (just for germany) - if you live in europe or somewhere worldwide, you will get all 4x 7inches in one package !
- nice package and artwork
- very nice interview with each band
- just 20 euro (including shipping worldwide)

PRE-ORDER NOW the Single Club No. 1 NOW !!!

IDLE HANDS: punk madness from muenster. influenced by Wipers, Jawbreaker, Wire and the Buzzcocks with people from Press Gang and Missing Shadows.

THE NOW DENIAL: rockin´hardcore / punk by these well known super sympathic guys from all over northern Germany.

PLANKS: nice dark and heavy apocalypstic hardcore like HHIG, Old Man Gloom and

TREND: one of the best german punk bands ever.