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ONE STARVING DAY -atlas coelestis 2xLP (180g black, red or normal black vinyl)

Image of ONE STARVING DAY -atlas coelestis 2xLP (180g black, red or normal black vinyl)


ONE STARVING DAY "Atlas Coelestis." 2xLP (NAR 034)

pressing information:
50x on 180gramm BLACK vinyl
100x on RED vinyl
100x on BLACK vinyl


The Italian avant/cosmic-doom/core band is back with another monstrous release. Although the band has always been rooted in its hardcore attitude, its sound has continuously evolved during these years and Atlas Coelestis is just the outcome of this process.
Since the beginning of their decennial career, One Starving Day impact has always been definitely dark and claustrophobic, and their long suites alternate between hardcore/doom basic structures, cosmic openings, and deep and calm intimacy. Following the wide positive comments about their first album, Broken Wings Lead Arms to the Sun, the band has been described as a hybrid between Neurosis and GSYBE!.
For this new release, called Atlas Coelestis, the band evolves towards a more personal song writing in order to design more particular musical landscapes. The album has been recorded and mixed by David Lenci at Red House Recordings and mastered at Chicago Mastering Service by Bob Weston. Atlas Coelestis sounds like a very particular mixture of sounds. Explosions of analogue synths, mystical patterns of harmonium and organ, fierce vocals full of anguish, delicate cellos patterns, eschatological tapes and samples, a solid rhythmic session, melodic and powerful guitars, they all characterize the complex sound of this album. The result is an amazing avant-gardist mixture of different codes ranging from hardcore/doom to krautrock and contemporary music.