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REZNIK SYNDROM - Korrekturen - LP

Image of REZNIK SYNDROM - Korrekturen - LP


REZNIK SYNDROM - Korrekturen - LP

The ever-changing process of progression is quite a difficult issue in every bands life, some bands manhandle it and some failed. Well reznik syndrom from stuttgart/germany clearly handle everything perfectly and fascinate more than ever before. Switching from post-hardcore-punk-in-your-face tunes of their initial years (“auftakt.” – EP from 2011 | “Ad Absurdum” – EP 2012 – both great) …to a more melodic, more pensive and post-rockish sound with longer and more thought-out songs. Man, they sometimes sound like a post-whatever version of This Will Destroy You and I dig it so much.

Don’t get me wrong, they are nevertheless kinda heavy but more on a subtle base. Jörg’s vocals are still pretty outstanding and harsh but more fitting than on the previous releases.

First band that came to my mind when I heard “Jim, Johnny und _____” was also the disbanded german screamo/hardcore band Andorra Atkins. Does anyone remember “Setz die Segel”? Imagine this song with a even more epic soundwall and a little less screamo. One of my fav. songs on “Korrekturen” altogether with “Ruin” and “Skizzen”.