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SLOWLY WE ROT poverty of existence LP

Image of SLOWLY WE ROT poverty of existence LP


SLOWLY WE ROT poverty of existence LP (holy goat records)

SLOWLY WE ROT was founded in the summer of 2013 by vocalist & guitarist Niels, who also played in Worms Feed and drummer Vic, followed by the bassist, Chris.

7 months later, unannounced and without stormy hypes or trailers they sent a very rough version of “Solitary Realm” out into the world. Soon after the band agreed with labels Skin & Bones Records from the UK and Dark Omen Records to a split release with Depravation on august 1st 2014, featuring two of their songs.

The impact of this small preview of their harsh, loud and grim sound lead to a bunch of shows and left people craving for more. The next chapter “Poverty of Existence” was written in only a matter of months, an EP that can only be defined as pure evil. Skin & Bones took the lead to release the tape version in february 2015, followed by a UK tour and a couple of release dates in the mainland.

As future plans developed and musical differences came up the band went through a line-up change. Vic was replaced by Ibn and Andy took over the 2nd guitar duties. Now, a few months later, Slowly We Rot is ready for the vinyl release of “Poverty of Existence” and to penetrate your eardrums again.