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Image of THE PSYKE PROJECT guillotine LP +CD


THE PSYKE PROJECT guillotine LP +CD (bloated veins records)

“The Psyke Project is a band that are brutal as they come. Their brilliant new album – Guillotine – is a masterclass of extreme metal.
Blending Black Metal, Post-Metal, Sludge and Hardcore into something rather sinister that will leave you on edge through out the entire album.
First track – Guillotine – will prove what a great band The Psyke Project actually are. Blending intense riffs with nightmarish vocals to scare the living hell out of anyone.
This is music for all us dark souls out there. It’s the perfect soundtrack for all doom and gloom merchants. If you want something sinister and terrifying in your life then this is it. The Psyke Project play on your worst fears and bring them to life through the power of their dark music.
And I loved every terrifying second of it. This is some of the harshest Post-Metal/Sludge Metal riffs I have heard in some time. The Psyke Project venture into places other bands don’t even dare to go to. If Lucifer ever had a voice then it would match the eerie tones of vocalist Martin. He is a man possessed. No one can stop him. Would anyone feel brave enough to.
The Psyke Project have released an album of such breathtaking brutality that one listen is never enough. Just take a long rest before listening to this brilliant album again. As you need some time to recover of the bleak carnage held on this heavy and fucked up album.
A true masterclass of extreme metal. No question!!!” – Sludgelord