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TOUNDRA „IV“ 2xLP on white vinyl

Image of TOUNDRA „IV“ 2xLP on white vinyl


TOUNDRA „IV“ 2xLP (backbite records)

Limited editon of 400 copies on solid white vinyl, comes with gatefold sleeve.

The 2015 album of spanish Post-Rock/Postmetal band Toundra is a fully instrumental record. "IV" is a concept album. It tells us the story of two foxes which had to flea from a fire in the woods. A story that has to be red between the lines.

Toundra's music can not be consumed as single tracks, this is a full-album experience. And its warm moments will open your ears and enlighten your brain perfectly when played from vinyl source.

For Fans of: Caspian, Long Distance Calling, Russian Circles