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VITAMIN X - full scale assault LP

Image of VITAMIN X - full scale assault LP


VITAMIN X - full scale assault LP

Vitamin X continue to crank out no-holds-barred straight edge thrashing punk on the Steve Albini-recorded 'Full Scale Assault,' bringing forth 20 high-energy tracks that infuse influences of '70s guitar rock and bombastic riffage, showing the band's songwriting prowess.

01. Full Scale Assault
02. Deal With It
03. Get In The Pit
04. Pull No Punches
05. Better Get Away
06. Time Has Come
07. You Suck
08. Grim Reaper
09. Take It Or Leave It
10. Head Full Of Demons
11. Pressure Release
12. Big Black Hole
13. Slam Dunk
14. Disintegration/Civilisation
15. Blown Away
16. Whatcha Gonna Do
17. Wake Up
18. Block Bust
19. Suburban Nightmare
20. Yes Sir, No Sir