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WAR EMBLEM constant defeat LP (with or without POSTER)


WAR EMBLEM constant defeat (NAR 056)

Hardcore for the Punks ! releasing the debut LP from WAR EMBLEM (Philadelphia) in partnership with our friends at Protagonist Music. WAR EMBLEM features former members of Off Minor, Kill The Man Who Questions and Saetia and play brutal hardcore/punk with undertones of crust and d-beat. The LP includes 15 songs. The Pre-order version comes with a 35x50 cm heavy screenprinted Poster, which is limited to 100 copies.

:: Record Information ::
:: 100 copies on 180gr black Vinyl + screenprinted Poster
:: 200 copies on black vinyl
:: 200 copies on white vinyl
:: includes downloadcode
:: Releasedate: september 1st 2014