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AMBER "lovesaken" LP


AMBER "lovesaken" LP (NAR 052)
REPRESS: 100 copies on AMBER-HAZED vinyl !!!!

LOVESAKEN, the first full-length from AMBER, is an epic, riff-soaked record of five songs stretched perfectly over 35 minutes. uplifting and yet somber, almost bittersweet. its a record to drown in. like tears. like rain. AMBER from Marburg (Germany) playing epic post-rock with heavy sludge parts and deep atmospheric melodies with apocalyptic vocals like CULT OF LUNA, ENVY or ISIS.
Total pressing of 700 records. 100 on WHITE vinyl, 100 on MINT-GREEN vinyl, 200 on CLEAR vinyl with BLUE splatter and 300 on BLACK vinyl. this is a co-release of Narshardaa, Halo of Flies and Protagonist.

:: Record Information ::
:: 100 copies on mint green vinyl
:: 100 copies on white vinyl
:: 200 copies on clear vinyl with blue splatter
:: 300 copies on black vinyl
:: Full Colour and Heavy Jacket with a lovely insert
:: including Downloadcode

Release-Date: 27. April 2013

Repress: 10th april 2014 : 100 copies on amber hazed vinyl